About Ms. Jackie

Baby Ms. Jackie SpoolTeacher with Handsome Daddy.

Ms. Jackie of all Trades hung out with the adults when she was young. She thought they had all the answers. They were always making or building something, and that just simply fascinated her.

It didn’t make her very popular with her peer group though. She was considered a “Narc.” and was suspect of telling the adults all of their secrets. (Which she kinda did. She was also considered a “goody-two-shoes”, which she promptly got over upon leaving home at age 19.)

That was just fine with Ms. JoaT. She was kind of a loner and enjoyed her own company anyway.

The only thing she didn’t get very excited about was cooking. (she now supposes that is one of the reasons Mr. Right didn’t show up) (yet!) She is a good cook, however, whenever she decides to create in that arena; but she just didn’t get excited about making that a mission to prove her prowess as a contender in life. Drilling, sawing, working with machines…that was something to master. Drafting, planning…cool! Cooking, not so much. Too many dirty dishes.

She has been somewhat of a skippy doodlier. As soon as she can see the big picture, she tends to get bored and wants a new challenge. She has finally seen the light and values completing the task; but she can’t tell you how many projects sat in near completion until the day she finally un-pack-ratted them.

Ms. Jackie of all Trades is the alter ego of Ms. SpoolTeacher. Since spooling around is just one of the many trades she knows, she thought she better open more space for dialog in other of her specialties. We’ll have to keep an eye on her and see if it isn’t just a case of the boredoms. Let’s see what she comes up with here and if she neglects anything on the way.

Summer Art Scholarship Academy of Art, San Francisco.

That was the year of True Freedom.