Bad Hardware Hacker

Negative in, negative out. Drop, like a steaming hot potato, all the things that aggravate. No more buying in to things that aren’t good. Good in, good out. That’s the ticket from now on.
Does someone want us all mad? Mad-not-glad and crazy-mad. There is no point or value being any kind of made-up-by-another mad. It’s your brain, you can choose to be either mad or glad but you’ll find it’s pretty hard to be neither.
It’s too hard to be glad when everything that’s coming in is maddening — so, the only hope is not to let the mad come in even if there is a little glad being served on the side. Glad is easy enough to make up on your own — like vegan salad dressing.
And mad can be something as simple as being aggravated when someone speaks about nothing but sports when you hate sports — so, let go of those who only speak of sports if you don’t like it unless you can ignore their speaking sports while still listening to their other things. There is a trick. Some people really can — listen and not listen or listen and not care. But if it’s like a constant, random drip akin to country music and if you don’t like country music either, lop it off at the quick.
Drip, drip, drip.
If one thinks the same thoughts, day in and day out, software turns to hardware and the loop that’s then been made, makes it hard to see that it has turned bad. Hacking hardware is mighty hard and takes a lot of training, so it might be easier to only let good in from the start. But don’t give up, if a change is really hoped for.
Good in, good in, good in. Eventually, good outnumbers mad or bad that is already in.
Become a fierce and mighty bad hardware hacker.
Good in, good in, good in.