All Sold Out

Is writing philosophy
Thoughts congeal and eek out for better understanding
of this or that or somewhere in between
What does everything mean
Is a billion dollars worth a life spent playing concerts
the same songs over and over and living among all the lonely beautiful people
leaving all the lonely lesser we’re not beautiful ones
clamoring for a touch
or left with tears
Is it their own fault
What is want
What is enough
Enough is enough except
enough is never enough
We sincerely wish you the best
Justin’s married now
without a prenup
He’s one of the talented beautiful people
millions more are hiding in the shadow of his spotlight
He never hunted bottles to ever know what hunting is
He has a lot for more tattoos
champagne and rolled-up notes
How ’bout a Judith Leiber cupcake for your little cupcake
Who’s to blame you if you have enough
Who put the crystals on
that’s all you need to ask
to answer yes or no
Can giving make up for poverty
Did your charity break you
or is it just a write-off
did you steal it from them
before giving a little crumb back
Who measures all the wanting
Who says “enough”
Dream big or small but don’t let your dream go by you
or rob another
in their silent begging for enough
Everyone is among the beautiful people
and cupcake bags are all sold out
If you should ever want one
maybe Kim would let hers go.