Like We’re Dancing

Karmella always likes to know when it is Sunday, or Saturday for that matter, because it is on those two days that the people that can’t be seen are the most likely to be stopping working long enough to play and she feels a little like she is playing with them — even though she and Puggles are on the other side and they play every day because they are always doing work they love to do — so it never feels as much like work as it feels like play.

It’s still nice to know that others are playing too — it feels less like she’s cheating and more like she’s sharing her good fortune and it helps her feel a little bit less like other people don’t know exactly where she is.

Those two days always feel a little warmer even though she feels happy and warm most all of the time — especially because she has a little warm, sandy brown-colored companion that likes to be picked up any time she wants to pick him up to be snuggled. Puggles is a very warm little fella and they get warmer the longer they snuggle and they both love to snuggle and be warm so they snuggle any chance they get to do it — every few minutes unless Puggles happens to be taking one of his many little naps.

“Do you want to come with me?” Karmella calls out to Puggles. “I’m going to visit the butterflies in the vegetable patch for a minute or two to see what they’ve been up to,” Karmella informed her little sandy brown companion.

Puggles leapt a little in the air and pounced back down on his soft pad on the porch so Karmella got the message that Puggles wanted to be picked up to be carried to where the butterflies in the vegetable patch around the corner might be flying.

Karmella leapt up to the porch to pick Puggles up.

Karmella leaps a lot.

She cradled little Puggles in her arms and leapt a little a few more times to get to the garden around the corner.

Puggles, being cradled, couldn’t help but leap along with Karmella and Karmella said, “Doesn’t it feel like we’re dancing little doggy?” The little doggy agreed and they both continued to dance until they got to where the butterflies were flying around and around in swirls and up into the sky all colorful and light, flapping away with their wings and softly singing loud enough for Puggles and Karmella to hear because they also spoke the ever-so-quiet butterfly language — which sounds more like humming or a quiet breeze.

They didn’t have to ask because it is always pretty clear what butterflies are doing when they get to where the butterflies are — so they simply watched in their regular delight and didn’t try to disturb them in their airy, fairy-like, delightfully pleasant, swirling, spiral, skyward-direction-and-back-to-where-they-started flight.

“Isn’t it fun to be in Sunday?” Karmella whispered into her little doggy’s ear. “It feels like we can almost touch the other side,” she included.

Puggles snuggled a little closer and she thought he might be going to whisper something back, but Puggles simply licked Karmella’s ear.

Karmella kissed little Puggles on his nose.

“Maybe next Sunday, or Saturday for that matter, the purple-colored man will come back to see us another time. He might like to see the butterflies or dance around with you and me or maybe we can even talk him into staying. What do you think about that my little fella?”

Puggles and Karmella decided it was time to have some food so they leapt like they were dancing again together back around the corner to the porch and kept dancing til they got into the house where they were about to find something that they each wanted to eat.

She gave the little doggy a cookie while he waited for her to fix his meal.

“Everything I do is for you — my sweet little lovey dovey snuggley puppy. I couldn’t be more happy that you’re here.”

Puggles wiggled his little body with his tail while Karmella got to cooking both their meals.

image credit: F(r)iction

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