In Good Company

Do you know what I know?
I know that I hardly know a thing
compared to what so many others know
about how to
be married
want children
fly in an airplane
That’s a matter of claustrophobia
but I’m in good company
Carly Simon also
doesn’t know how to fly
without panic
For me it started after years
of knowing how
that were
interrupted by
false-fear thinking
that I had lost
some kind of control
they bring all kinds of trouble
leaving unexpectedly
with the control that had
existed prior
And Carly doesn’t like
the spotlight shining in
her eyes either
Like a deer in headlights
And she was born
three days after
I was
nine years sooner
And had lots of trouble
with boys too
Boys in the Trees
She and I
could have been friends
I like to marvel
She’s just the kind
of person I would want to be
friends with
I do know
that I know
I’d rather eat peas
than ever try to fly again
and I hate peas
they make me gag
but they don’t make me panic
And I love split pea soup
It’s a funny thing
But how to find split pea soup
without bacon
I know it’s out there somewhere
And I know that you know
we’re all together
in this thing
and in each other’s
good or bad,
marvelous, awkward company.