Mother Of Invention

And just like that, suddenly it wasn’t as hard to turn to the left or right without cringing. I shall love my aching joints and rejoice in the fact that the back may be in recovery. I shall promise to get the dolly to move 5 gallon buckets full of soil and tomatoes from now on and sing hallelujah every time I bend to retrieve a fallen item off the floor or scoop the kitty poop.
Things can always be worse, but they can also get better and waiting in grace has a big giant dose of good and wholesome measure — as depressing as being ailing can be, it’s better to think happy future thoughts instead of gruesome ones — as tempting as it is to believe something bad will never end.
I made a little room to be a house inside a house and spent my time there doing only what was absolutely needed — like watching movies and peeing in a bucket. At some points it was essential to shuffle to the kitchen for a piece of chocolate and a spoonful of peanut butter or some beans in a can and an avocado to eat to keep the nutrients, required for healing, flowing through the blood. It was hard to drink much water for the fear of needing the bucket — but water was more needed than avoiding the pain involved in pulling pants down — where are split-crotches when they’re needed or men’s undies and a hose?
Maybe the mother of invention is pain and trying to avoid it. Aren’t men lucky that they have attached hoses and cows because they can do it all while standing and probably have excellent backs unlike these weak ones made for humans.
It must be said that this is why we try so hard to have our houses in order because come the time that things aren’t easy, it’s easy to see that things in their right places are better than in ones where they can’t be found or reached right. And it’s so much better that things start off clean while waiting for a time that things can be cleaned again because that mountain to climb later would be more depressing than trying to pull pants down in a hurry while trying to scale that growing mountain in the meanwhile.
It’s easy to see now, too, that it’s important to keep a grabber handy. Toes work in a pinch though — so it’s important to keep those toes in shape for when they might be called upon. And now I know, things can be shimmied up a wall with a good stick or piece of PVC when everything else fails but forget about the toothpick on the floor until you can sweep again — just be sure not to let it splinter in your foot while you shuffle to the kitchen for chocolate.



and sing hallelujah

“I Ran Through Cow Poop and It Felt Great”


Games People Play

There isn’t much that a pound of flesh or a piece of chocolate can’t fix once an offender or a trouble has been noticed or identified. The unfortunate thing might be that pounds and pieces have their own comeuppance that tracks the secondary offending culprit who has taken it or eaten — at least or especially if their acceptably allotted measure of a pound or a piece has been exceeded.

Banks take too much, that’s for sure and seem never to have to answer — it’s hardly fair but they seem to be the ones making or shifting lines in the sand and setting all the rules for what constitutes the Games People Play:

“The interest will be 19% on that cream-colored new Toyota truck you think you want as a treat to yourself for your upcoming birthday to make up for the neglect your boyfriend is paying — unless, of course, you want to buy the extra warranty and then it can drop to 16% so I can charge you a simple, one-time fee for you to have it and at the same time give a SPIFF to me for including it.”

He wasn’t quite that honest.

“I won’t pay another dime”, she’d said so he adjusted the margins to fit the bonus he’d receive for selling her the add-on.

Interest rates. Imagine that they are that simple to manipulate. Imagine that she hadn’t refused to pay another dime, she’d have had to pay three points more over the long haul  — the truck would have just about doubled by the time she’d finished paying for it — four years down the road.

Live and learn. Life is hard. It’s often quite unfair and favors all the ones who have no conscience.

How do people have the conscience to charge three points more when they could just as easily let it slip down to three points less — what kind of people are they? The same kind that shoot wild animals?

Gamers. Thieves. Salesmen. Politicians and corporations. Profit making aparati.

There ought to be some laws.

The truth is, or so it seems, that it is best just not to be a part. There is no way to gamble for security that can’t be broken somehow.

What’s a body to do?

Tic Tac Toe

Better grab the chocolate, grow a garden and save some silver.