Sit And Stew

The back is lame today, so I shall sit and stew – though there is no need for a bad back on any day for that excuse – to sit and stew – there are always things to worry
I went out instead because I didn’t want to give up on any living because of a lame back
I needed things and to pay a bill and get movies from the library – it’s the weekend after all
I decided to sit and stew a little later while watching those new borrowed movies
It wasn’t easy getting to and fro and it made me realize the importance to not have a lame back – especially if other joints aren’t working well either
And higher profile vehicles and tall toilets
I had more empathy for electric carts and slow movers and waiting for them crossing
My legs needed to be swung to keep the pressure off the lame back and it was hard to reach the car door to bring it back for closing
Someone said it’s probably due to the resent damp weather
I said, “I hope that’s all it is” – but I also said, “this is life” and, in my head, if it’s time for me to leave then so be it – I shall go – not because I want to but this is how it is
no one really knows if there’s really time
to sit and stew
But I shall let the music play on the phone alarm clock – because it’s far away and too hard to get back up to get it
It’s a good tune and it will go off soon enough
So I shall sit and view instead of sit and stew now though some vegan Irish stew would be a nice thing
The lame back just won’t let me.


vegan Irish stew

vegan Irish stew image courtesy: The Circus Gardener’s Kitchen