About Wild Things

The poor black, woolly, massive cat came around the corner and jumped up on a pile of sticks and leaves that are making a crescent mound around a tree to keep whatever rain falls from rolling too far away from it. The sticks will eventually decompose and feed the tree. The cat settled high on the sticks and then turned his head enough to reveal a flaming-hot pink patch around his ear.

There’d been a fight and it wasn’t clear who had won because neither cat came back for quite a while after that. The other cat has been around again too but keeps a very close eye out while traversing about the yards — especially while he’s eating. It’s still unclear who won. It’s too bad they just can’t get along.

Does the other cat have as much empathy for the big, black, woolly cat as the one feeding the cats does? Would he take him to a doctor? Should the person feeding cats get a trap? Will it heal on it’s own? Will he die alone? If the vet fixed him would he recover and do it all again?

It’s so hard being a human — to know what to do about wild things.

The big black cat is soaking in the sun, feeling his pain like a trooper. Why can’t all cats just get along because the lady feeding cats would feed them all. If they only knew or she could speak cat so that she could tell them all to behave.

The lady that feeds the cats can’t help but feel the pain of all the animals in Australia fleeing fire if they are lucky enough not to first go up in smoke. She can’t help wanting to ask all the people crying and posting images of koala, kangaroos and wombats being rescued if they still eat meat. She wants to ask them to rescue pigs too and cows before they reach their plates.

How much does meat eating relate to fires? It would be nice to know.

It’s odd how political correctness waffles depending on the trauma. No one seems to be posting pictures of a grilled kangaroo or one with a proud hunter by its side these fiery days. So much empathy suddenly for kangaroos being rescued now. Wasn’t it just yesterday that they were promoting selling hunting licenses to keep their populations down since they have become such a nuisance for humans.

Good guys, bad guys.

A meme stream was filled with haters of someone who dared to imply that the fire-cleared land can be scarfed up on the cheap now by special interests. “How dare you have no empathy for all the people fleeing.”

How dare you is popular now.

Truth is truth. How dare you not normally care about cows.

What is the truth?

“The fire was believed to have started from a sparking electrical transformer.”

Seems the same thing happened in California.

“Rather than spend the money it obtains from customers for infrastructure maintenance and safety, PG&E funnels this funding to boost its own corporate profits and compensation,” according to the complaint.”

Yes, what is the truth?

Cats fighting over territory have it out and one might leave with a bloodied ear. They might both come back and find a way to get along so they can each or both continue to eat.

Humans who fight do sneaky things. It doesn’t seem impossible to imagine how all the sneaky things that people do can add up to fires.

It would be a lot easier if it was a bloody ear.