As Nothing More

“Use your indoor words.”




Something was always in her way or going wrong or falling off the table she was passing

because her hips were wider than the small aisles she’d created to have all the things she wanted at her disposal.


Use them all if you must.

Use them outside, just the same, if you want to. The neighbors likely cannot hear or aren’t listening.

Maybe GOD hears all words as nothing more than nonsense anyway.

image credit: How Data Reveals The Words Candidates Used To Stand Out At GOP Debate


The Candy Bar

Bernadette didn’t want to turn around and pick the thing she dropped off the ground so she left it as rubbish for someone else, or the world and earth to deal with. It was a wrapper from the candy bar she was eating and it was just too much trouble as it blew some in the wind, farther away from where she was still walking forward. She was fat too, so it was hard on her to bend that far to pick it up and now it meant that she would have to backtrack. She was already wishing she’d taken a taxi or the bus to get the candy bar. She didn’t know how to pick things up with her toes and she still had on her shoes. If there had been someone near that cared they might have offered a snarl or sneer or a few words of encouragement but there wasn’t — so who would ever know except for Bernadette?

Bernadette kept walking and left the wrapper on the ground.

Is “fat” appropriate or should it be said that Bernadette is overweight? Perhaps the truth is actually Bernadette is Bernadette — her weight has nothing to do with who she is or how she should be described except that it was obvious that it was one of the reasons she wouldn’t turn around and pick that piece of trash back up. Wasn’t it? Obvious? It could also be a reason someone could say, “See, fat people are lazy.” Is that racist toward whatever race heavy people populate? Is it profiling. Is it stereotyping? 

Who cares if Bernadette is fat or overweight or just whoever she is? Who cares if she lets her candy wrappers stay on the ground wherever they accidentally, or on purpose, land?

Of course, we only saw her leave just one.

How can we all live and let live no matter what somebody else is doing? Who’s the judge?

Someone said lately that they were having trouble understanding why people always say they’ll pray for some catastrophe. She was having trouble understanding how the person praying hoped to change whatever God was planning to do or why, if it was his will to let a hurricane wipe out a bunch of people, how could a God like that be considered good. She had a bunch of other statements that revealed that she was very confused about how people can claim to believe in God but not let God be God and try to change his plan with a prayer instead of being grateful for whatever God decided he or she wanted to do. She did also say that God was likely a he because if God were a she, she would have done a better job of making up the world.

Who knows?

If it’s God’s will to let Bernadette have her own free will than who are we to judge Bernadette for leaving rubbish on the ground or eating so many candy bars that that might be why she got fat?

It’s nobody’s business what anybody else’s business is, is it?

Or is it?

If there aren’t some kind of rules the world might get filled with candy wrappers.


image credit: Candy Wrapper Backpack