Waiting On Monsoons

Oh, oh, the heat and fatigue of heat —
buckling bones that try as they might to resist
falling on the bed to rest.

Fan blowing air to cool
the evaporating loss
of water from her body.

It isn’t time for sleep, but a nap will do.
Soft pillow under head for support
to watch a movie made in snow —
a blatant attempt to try to switch out thinking.

A nap can travel quickly to the
darkened evenings slowly creeping
closer to mid afternoon.

Moon lighting a night that passes quickly
for birds to start their chorus practice early —
as soon as they sense any sign of advancing light.

A lively song, a happy song a great start to any day
or soothing end to one that wouldn’t quit.

The mornings are starting to cool a little —
enough to fall asleep in
but not enough to keep the plants from buckling too,
still waiting on Monsoons.

waiting on monsoons