Into Something Greater

To sit sewing while black holes grow
they would know if one was near
so it is fair to sit and sew
except that it might be important
to know more than how to
if one does know
how to sit and sew
they stitch together
data from linked together places
to imagine
greater spaces
patch-worked wholes —
— a patched together hole —
with a micro-microdenier
almost to infinity
no greater than a proton
probably invisibly silky kind of
They say black holes grow
by turning something into nothing
but then they say
nothing is always and forever
It is confusing
It might be easier to just
sit and sew
sewing often turns something almost nothing
into something greater
But no
it is better to try to
stitch together
more about
how to know
if a black hole’s event horizon
might be getting nearer
No one wants to sink into a black hole
except for all the ones
who love and want to
know them
and if the black holes too
might have
turned into something greater
like what usually happens when one
sits and sews.


Image: Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum