Waves Of Delight

What’s the value of having friends if they are only following pheromones? Someone she’d known had chemicals that directed her own specie and beauty on top of that — most likely part and parcel as perfection garners all the tools for having its success.

Everyone is looking for connection but for deep and meaningful connection. That girl struggled her whole life, watching her beauty in the mirror and wondering when it would fade.

What’s the difference between a girl who’s your friend and a girlfriend? Marcus asked Will

I don’t know, do you want to touch her? Will asked back.

Is that so important?

Yeah Marcus. You’ve heard about sex right? It’s kind of a big deal.

I know. I’m not stupid. I just can’t believe there’s nothing more to it. I mean like I want to be with her. I want to be with her all the time and I want to tell her things that I don’t even want to tell you or Mum. And I don’t want her having another boyfriend. I suppose if I could have all those things, I wouldn’t really mind if I touched her or not.

Well, you’ll learn Marcus — you won’t feel like that forever.

About a Boy. About any boy. Truth be told, about any deep meaning or connection, depending on the persuasion of the two.

Sequences that look like they might be it but aren’t or just can’t stay — here, there, maybe nowhere  but hope against hope, eventually for real and lasting — somewhere, the meaningful connection comes. It can be hard being an island — perhaps at the least, a ship to shore radio wave — long distance love a compromise. Maybe so long that it is only the waves contained within the mind.

Each of us lives locked inside our own. We never can know who another really is, but little things like finding delight in hearing each other laugh or just even hearing each other’s voice make for a connection that keeps us from going crazy — of wanting desperately out of our own container. We cease to feel alone inside. But not unlike Marcus, we “don’t want her having another boyfriend.”

Sad as that may be.

Waves of delight are precious — it is good to consider them such. They come and go — it is their nature to be fleeting. Lucky is the one who can keep a ripple rolling. It is a very rare and precious thing to say the least.

“I hope you will be brave” he said.

“No. I am not brave, not for things like this” she said, but she didn’t say it to him.  She made haste to leave and left him with little notice. She was sorry. But it didn’t matter now.

waves of delight