Old Love Letters

Should someone who advocates for everyone to get rid of all their stuff so that they can find true joy in the few things that they do keep be allowed to have a shop selling stuff? Seems like there should be a law prohibiting that kind of hypocrisy.

Marie Kondo. Should she be an exception? “Get rid of all your stuff and then come back and buy some of mine,” she might as well be saying.

Kawabon Tray


Everything from Graf Lantz is made in their Los Angeles factory and designed to age gracefully. Their take on the classic catchall tray is made from sculpted leather and merino wool to create a soft landing for the little things you can’t live without.

What a crock. Not to mention she expects cows to die for you to have that joy and sheep to give up better living waiting to be shorn for all their wool. They might not have to live and die if no one is waiting on a Marie Kondo tray.

Did I say yet, what a crock?

Someone is always getting rich on an idea and then banking on all of our stupidity.

Keep your stuff. Keep it out of landfills. Build walls with your books. Burn the paper to keep yourself warm. Make new clothes out of all those old ones. You wouldn’t believe how many times a shirt can be something different — cut up into strips and made into a new fabric. That can’t  happen if it goes to landfill.

She, or some other Marie Kondo mimic might say, “It’s okay, once, to send your hoard of things off to your nearest dump. Feel the guilt and don’t get more stuff to ever have to feel that guilt again. If you only buy my stuff that’s designed to ‘age gracefully’, the guilt can be less frequent over time.”

One more time for the nosebleed seats, what a crock.

Humans don’t seem to like to have voids and as soon as a space is cleared, it seems like it is missing something. Hearts the same. If you send those old love letters off to sit in dumps instead of in your closet, will that really bring you any joy? There might be a day, when you are very old, that reading those old love letters will bring their biggest joy.

Wait and see, or burn them in your own old-love-letter-burning-ritual fire.

Marie might like white and black and beige and spare and empty space, but don’t be fooled if that isn’t you.

It’s still good advice to never buy new stuff once you have all you really need — especially don’t buy new stuff from someone selling getting rid of stuff.