Cooked Or Raw

Are carrots better cooked or raw? 

Better how?

Better for us?


But they taste sweeter raw, right? 

Depends on how they’re cooked it would seem. Carrot cake is pretty sweet.

Yeah, but that’s not just carrots. That’s a whole bunch of other stuff. 

Well, you need to be more clear.

How much clearer can you get than are carrots better cooked or raw? 

Well, as I asked, better how? And then you said for us, which implies nutrition and not how they taste. So there is confusion there as well.

Well, it would seem that if they are more pleasing, i.e. sweet, they might be better for us since we should be designed to want what is good for us right? And we usually gravitate to things that are sweet.

Should and usually. Therein is some of the trouble. And besides which, it depends on how they are grown. Some carrots end up bitter and are sweeter then, after they are cooked.

Are bitter carrots better for us than sweet carrots since bitter carrots have to be cooked to be good and all carrots are better for us cooked than raw and if bitter forces cooking, couldn’t bitter be better than sweet from the start?

Well, now you’ve really stumped me. Bitter isn’t always bad because, after all, you know the old saying, “Don’t forget your bitters”, so it could be that bitter could be good. But I’m not sure if bitter carrots are better or not. They certainly aren’t better tasting — at least not to me — but, following the don’t-forget-your-bitters line of thinking one could easily be fooled. They probably can’t hurt you. At least not much.

Bitter carrots might not be able to hurt you much but bitter people sure can. 

That is true.

Well, maybe the trouble is that people are bitter because they don’t have enough sweetness in their days and they should eat more sweet carrots or carrot cake or just get more vitamin A.

A conversation about what makes people bitter might be a conversation better saved for another day. Carrots were tough enough.


image: Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe