Up In Bisbee

Hi Lxxxxx,
Was just looking out my living room window at the gloomy day, thinking about Txx and missing him and remembered that I’ve been wanting to wish you a Merry Christmas.
I spend most holidays alone, but some of them Txx and I were together doing something. One year for Thanksgiving, we drove all over trying to find a place to eat. We ended up in Bisbee and had Thanksgiving dinner at their hospital. Txx loved to eat at hospital cafeterias. I think all I wanted was a piece of pumpkin pie but I can only remember enjoying the day so much and mostly because of all his little and not so little quirks and just to have him with me and not be alone.
I can’t remember if we spent any Christmases together and was trying to think if he snuck somehow to share it with family in some way. He was quite sneaky when he wanted to be, which was most of the time.
I loved and still love him so.
And I’m glad to know I still have a little live connection.
Merry Christmas, Lxxxxx
Love, Sxxxx