Just Be Happy

It’s so very sad to think of where the world may end up and how little choice there really is about making much of a change aside from whatever one can, might, may, will do on their own to abate the coming extinction event and even that gives little solace to whatever soul one thinks they have; so it seems all the better to be happy now rather than to put it off any longer.

Whether or not to have a straw is a terribly laborious endeavor and uses far too much solar energy consumed in calories made by plants and offers no apparent fat reducing benefit in its exchange for having wasted all that energy thinking about it for so long. Better just not to think or bother reaching for one, a straw, at least don’t bother to think about it the next time you don’t reach for one or bother to utter the word, “no”.

Don’t think, just don’t. Find a better use for that same fuel spending, use it to make a smile.

If free will is true, it is only insomuch as which button one buttons first and even that is something decided by an incident of becoming that was an on-top-ofgenetic choice a mother or grandmother or her great grandmother’s mother’s mother’s mother made while she was pregnant — according to Dr. Sapolsky and he has spent enormous amounts of solar unit calories to make his way to knowing this.

Nature/nurture — both.

So why care about the next generation or this one for that matter? Some will, some won’t and that was decided in the mothers-squared-innumerous-times epigenetic psyche too — and the ones who do will likely live less long unless they have a large enough circle of friend who support their kind of thinking and behavior.

Stress kills. Find a way out of it.

It’s best to just be happy — and tread lightly.