Fear Of Falling

hollow deals
showoff business
face lifts
young bliss
what a miss
it’s hard to step in cracks
on someone else’s face
let alone your own
so what’s to moan about
for fear of falling in
falling off
take it off
pull it back
poke a hole
let the Botox in
the extra cells
should be vacuumed out
so what’s the deal
why race to hide age
hollow deals
showoff business
money talks
freedom walks
old age sanctioned
and boats loaded
to take anyone who gets there
out to sea
and dropped off
at the deepest point
never to be seen
or heard from again
otherwise the gray-hairs
drag the others down
that’s the bait
let’s all wait to show
our greater age
HoliDeals are waiting
selling tickets for escaping
being loaded on the boat
headed out to sea
gray hair
dry skin
droopy eyes
too much skin
doesn’t greater equals more
or something even better
agoraphobia’s a safe place
to escape
the sounds of others looking
and Amazon will air lift
or drone drop
all the hollow deals


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