Ooey Gooey Stuff

It is such a debilitating thing to feel a need to worry about money. It may seem necessary but it is only necessary to find a way to provide for needs. Money works for that sometimes but more often than not it is so inflated by the time it can be spent that it might have been better learning how to do without whatever it was that money was being saved or worked so hard for.

And — things get less worth buying.

Freedom = Money

Robert Downey Jr. is worth somewhere in a vicinity of several hundred million dollars and climbing. Wasn’t his father an actor? Didn’t his father buy him out of his cocaine troubles?

Bunny Meyer/grav3yardgirl had to confess she’d been lying about how poor she is since she isn’t any more. She’d been trying to deceive to keep her fan base — thinking that they would abandon if they knew she could now spend $5,000 on a handbag while she was telling them how to utilize a thrift store. Lust and greed for money was now the driving force for what she tried to do on her YouTube and it was failing.

Her YouTube channel was sliding down fast because she was no longer able to be authentic so she cried to show herself as vulnerable and penitent and bring them back to her side. She confessed and the hoards came back — clamoring for more of her silliness.

How many Designer’s lipstick can be the best there is? How many slots does the Sephora brand have for rising stars that have the fan base to equal enough for them to want to sponsor? Is the sky the limit or simply however many viewers they can count on to remain ignorant enough to buy the ooey gooey stuff on a stick.

What does it take to be rich — does someone always have to end up dead for someone else to get rich quick?

There was a man who acted like a clown — strutting up and down the aisles of a furniture store with his black book and tie trying to entice someone into spending some of their hard-earned money so that he could make a commission.

It was nearly impossible to imagine how he could be so unashamed of his behavior while lusting for the buck. Jack Rafter was his name and he did the darnedest things to get attention. He was always on the top of the heap of sales volume for any given month and all the others were trying to find his secret — which was, as far as anyone could tell — he might as well have been doing cartwheels — he never said a thing that sounded the slightest bit intelligent or that he’d actually learned about the product.

He made people feel good.

Slight of hand.

Crooks get rich and clowns — actors and thieves.

What’s even harder to be than rich is what you want to be because all the while you’re trying to be what you want, money places stumbling blocks right smack dab in the middle of the path. Lack of confidence puts blocks out too but that’s a matter of changing a brainwave and not the entire economic status quo.

Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal have a father who is a director and a mother who is a screenwriter. Don’t Bill Gates kids do dressage if they so desire.

The decks are fully loaded.

You’d better be a clown or thief or give up on the idea of being rich.


image credit: Beyer Beware


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