Vinyl Record Jacket

Here, here, here! Look over here!

Hear, hear, hear! Hear this!

The internet is good. The internet is bad.

Old people just don’t get it. They won’t use encryption. They scream about the surveillance state. They just don’t get it. We HAVE to be on the internet. The internet of things IS the future. It’s changing the world…

wait for it…

…the better.

Whose better?

Blah, blah, blah!

Please quit slamming old people. You will be one too someday — if you’re really lucky and we don’t become the dystopia featured as predictive programming in such movies as Blade Runner or, heaven forbid, Rollerball or Logan’s Run.

We’ve been being warned.

You’ll then be too old at thirty something.

Bartholomew tells Jonathan that he wants him to retire. He offers the Rollerballer a lavish retirement package if Jonathan makes the announcement during the special. He then preaches the benefits of corporate-run society and the importance of respecting executive decisions, never explaining exactly why he must retire. Jonathan refuses, and requests to see his former wife Ella, who had been taken from him some time earlier by a corporate executive who wanted her for himself.

Suspicious of a forced retirement, Jonathan goes to a library and asks for books about the corporation and history. He finds that all books have been digitized and “edited” to suit the corporations, and are now stored on supercomputers at large protected corporate locations.


Look at this. This is a list of all the important websites for alternative information.

By the way, I disagree with many on the list.

A little too to the left — a little too to the right. Still a LOT of propaganda. Seriously, RT!!!

Is it better to start anywhere then nowhere?

Right, left, right left. Keep marching. Nothing to see there. Same agenda — theirs.

Who’s their? Where’s there? Is there a there there?

Do YOU really want to go there where all the money is faker than it’s ever been and where you can only get if you have the password which changes with your attitude injected as a tattoo?

Left, right. left right.

Bah, I mean Moo. Which do you want me to be today — a cow or a lamb?

Yes the internet of things is showing how bankrupt the current status quo is and almost always has been.

…except for when college was a good thing and schools did teach critical thinking. I went to one.

How can a status quo be changed while continuing to work within it? The forest is lost in all those trees and it’s waaaay tooooo sloooow.

There was life before the internet and just because you’re young and have no clue how wonderful the analog world was, don’t just write it off and listen to your elders is still good advice. Try listening to a real vinyl record on a spinning machine that has a diamond needle.

You got too lazy to bother picking up the needle and getting up to flip it to the other side so now we have crap to listen to on CD’s that do get scratches just like records do, (even though they lied and said that was a good reason to switch because, according to them and their lies, they didn’t scratch and lasted for forever.)

Have you ever read a vinyl record jacket? Especially one with a fold and double the information and artwork?

You’ll never know what you’ve missed but go ahead and listen to your crappy rap streaming in your ear on your personalized tracking teleITeverything.

No thanks. I think I’m glad I’m old.


Image credit: Matthias Groeneveld

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