Peanut Butter Muffin

All morning, dread was pervading thinking and all other doing but was able to be staved off because, after all, she was trying to intermittent fast.

Sleeping in leggings and a tank, one of the first things to change was into shorts because by that time, the heat seeping in and the relative cool of the evening vanished, more skin exposed was cooler. Bare feet stay as the floors had been swept and grit wasn’t interfering with comfort. Mopping still needed on the do list, but that was more a sight issue than comfort and wasn’t quite a dread.

For sleeping, the band comes off the pony tail because the tension by then is a subtle ache and looks cease to be the concern of during days. The wispy, tickling, fan-blown floating hairs are chastened with a wet rag to her head, which also serves to cool. Up from sleep, band on again, the subtle ache of the tension takes most of the day to annoy.

Ticktock, grumbling was finding the place of annoying. Intermittent time had lapsed but there wasn’t what she wanted to eat. Dread. The dread was that more than shorts were required and to not scare or scar anyone, she might be well advised to put on a little bit of a face — brows and lips at least. Dread. It would be even better if she’d hot-curl her hair to calm the frizz and wash the car, but my oh my the trouble with doing so much just for a peanut butter muffin.

“I could just go as I am and pretend I am not me. If I really hurry, I’ll look like a blur and can park the bird-pooped car out in the south forty where no one will likely see?”

“I could eat an avocado all alone or with a spoonful of peanut butter on the side and not go at all — put it all off for another day.”

She decided to eat a square of chocolate before she came to any conclusions and upon opening the door of the fridge, saw the half of muffin sitting right there on the top shelf in a completely see through bag. Oh my, oh my!! She thought she was in Heaven. Funny, now going out didn’t seem to be such a dread or so hard but she would eat the muffin first to sustain.

All of that dread for nothing.

“I don’t do nothin’ for nobody for nothin'” Knuckels said to Paddington.

peanut butter muffins


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