All In All

Dear Diary,
Today was a day like any other but new thoughts have been being useful for adding hope that tomorrow will also be a day like any other but with more new thoughts.
The skies were blue and cloudless and I went out for some bill paying and to do a few loads of clothes at the laundromat. The machines are eating more coins than normal but the new managers are lovely and improving things so much that it is almost a fun place to be — very useful for reading a book, meeting new friends and getting a clue to all the different kinds of people who use laundromats. Some people just come in for change.
The managers were replacing the coin machine but made sure everyone had enough before they left and then told us all that we could call them if we needed more before they got back.
It seems like things are changing all around and for the better. Before the manager got back with the new machine, more people came in and instead of letting them flounder and try to find ways to make their own change, everyone piped up and offered each other help with whatever change they had left over that they were sure they wouldn’t need for their own clothes washing.
It just seems like the tide is turning — more good things are happening than bad. At least they are for me.
I didn’t have a free laundry basket when I left so took everything wadded up in a sheet, intending to get a new one at the dollar store before I got to the mat but forgot. I tried after and they were just too expensive so came home with a new box of Whitman’s chocolates and the folded laundry still in the newly clean sheet.
All in all it was a good day. I got up late, ate good food and got a lot of things done.
More tomorrow. God willing and the sun comes up.


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