Can’t Be Fixed

I would like to eat a big bag of Cheetos and not worry about cows or plastic pollution or opening death’s door — but that is wishful thinking and not envy except for slightly envying those who can eat Cheetos without worrying about plastic or cows — although I don’t envy not being able to think. It would just be nice if Cheetos were something good.
I found a copy of Entourage, the movie, on DVD lately for one dollar and watched it. I watched it again. It is fun to watch people having it all. The music made the Cadillac seem even better but it really couldn’t get much better than it was — but what for? Why have gold rims and fancy things and giant SUVs that can haul down the highway guzzling? All for show. Who’s to know? Who is it looking and how long will that looking last and while they’re looking what is the effect? Is it adrenaline that gets pumped at thinking you are better somehow than the one who’s watching while they’re watching?
All those bikini bodies started looking the same before long and the men had not one iota of respect for any of them and only thought about any of them at all insomuch as for what they could imagine doing with one of them in a room somewhere naked. What’s the value of having a bikini body for that kind of treatment?
What’s the gig? What’s the point? Is it that we’re all looking to stay in the honeymoon phase of wonderment while living?
Laws of attraction say that when two things attract and spin together in that oh-so-wonderful equilibrium, they can also separate and then go flying off dependent for another such attraction. The better would be to have the spinning equilibrium singularly and without a need for any external combining — all inside, well contained, nothing needing in and nothing needing out — spinning in complete equilibrium on one’s own. Not needing is the key to staying in a honeymoon state — it is just a matter of aligning the things that are already inside spinning to all be going in a honeymoon spinning direction. After that has been accomplished, attraction can be for attraction sake and making that found perfection shareable.
As I was watching, and watching it again, (the Entourage movie), all I could think of — after getting past the envy — was how many resources were needed just to make the movie let alone each of the elaborate lives, (in real life), of all the myriad stars who showed up, at least, in cameos. Mega homes and mega cars and clothes that are mostly only worn once. Doesn’t anybody care? Or do they only care about getting that Caddie with the gold rims so they can think that they are making other people envy that they got it.
Why do I keep wanting to go back and watch that movie again?
It’s the same trouble as what makes me think I want to eat those Cheetos — the honeymoon equilibrium inside isn’t spinning right and that can’t be fixed with anything that is outside.
So, I went out and purchased all the flannel shirts in all the colors.